OPINION: Why We Shouldn't Attack North Korea First

The “smart cookie” is on the rise.

TCN North Korea Tank.jpg

Over the last several days, North Korea and Kim Jon Un has been reported by every major news outlet across the nation, with the Washington Post breaking that North Korea has developed miniaturized nuclear warheads, to President Trump threatening “fire and fury” if North Korea attacks us. This rise in tension has led many to call for us to take military action on North Korea before they attack, but is that our best option? To understand, we have to look at all the hoops we must jump through.

First, we would have to deal with China, which has many trade deals with North Korea. This makes them economically profitable to their nation. And China has made it very clear they do not want to lose that, despite the 15-0 vote on sanctions in the United Nations. As well as this, China has stated in their government run paper that "it needs to make clear its stance to all sides and make them understand that when their actions jeopardize China's interests, China will respond with a firm hand."

China isn’t our only concern either: We have to worry about South Korea as well. If we attack North Korea, the lives of innocent people at risk of being lost if North Korea decides to attack South Korea in response. An attack by us could seriously threaten Japan as well, now that we know North Korean missiles have increased capability.

And besides all of this, we have to worry about ourselves to. Should we decide to attack North Korea, they will almost definitely respond with an attack of their own (That’s how war usually works). They have already threatened to attack Guam, and some predict their missiles can even reach the Continental U.S. And yes, we do have missile defense procedures and can take other precautions, but is it worth it?

So, what’s the game plan then? Continue what Trump and previous administrations have been doing, pushing for sanctions, preparing our defenses, and talking tough on North Korea. But under no circumstances should we attack them first. Because if we pursue that road, I don’t think any Americans truly want to see what comes next.