Trump and the Paris Climate Accord

Trump has announced today that he has pulled out of the Paris climate accord. The Paris climate agreement was this: create an international party against carbon emissions so that global warming can be delayed. They would also fine companies for producing CO2, about $150 per ton. Not only would companies cut down on their CO2 production, but governments could expect to make a good amount of money from this move. Though it may sound effective, Trump pulled out of the deal nonetheless. 

Trump announcing the decision to back out of the Paris Accords. Source: Vox

Trump announcing the decision to back out of the Paris Accords. Source: Vox


How important is it that Trump pulled out?

Trump, for most of his life, has been a businessman. Expansion is at the top of the list of things to consider when running a company, something that green energy efforts would halt. Trump wants to revive the mining industry in the States and to restore the economy and more green energy opportunities through other methods.

Trump wishes to withdraw from the agreement, but it will take at least four years for the withdrawal to be complete. Meaning, once Trump is up for reelection, the States would almost be on its way out of the agreement, making sure that it would stay as a big topic during the presidential debates. If Trump decides to pull America out of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)(another climate change committee on an international level), it could be out of the agreement by next year.

While the Paris climate agreement has accomplished some emission reductions over the years, Trump wishes to focus on staying nationalist over globalist and to maintain control over their own assets and to pursue their own green energy techniques, as well as improving the coal miner industry. The way this plays out could be better or for worse, and because of this will stay in the long term development, if the United States is able to shift to a more efficient platform than the Paris Accords, we will be in a far better position. 

When the Paris agreement party releases more details, The Conservative Nut will keep you posted.