SURVEY: Social Media's Reaction To Macron's Big Win

            Even though projected much earlier by many mainstream news sources the victory of Macron was still evoked many reactions throughout the world. A fair amount of these reactions came from the internet. The Conservative Nut took a dive into seeing how those that were personally affected by the French election reacted. We have agreed to use their input, but to use it anonymously. The internet, where many users on various /pol/ sections (short for politically incorrect) of various websites, from Tumblr, Facebook, 4Chan, Reddit, and countless other online forums, were displeased about Marine’s loss. Many of the users from France apologized that Marine lost. Many French users were ridiculed by others saying that America actually “tried” and achieved a Trump victory while Marine Le Pen couldn’t win in France. 

Macron speaking to a crowd an hour after being informed of his victory. Source: Getty Images

Macron speaking to a crowd an hour after being informed of his victory. Source: Getty Images

In France it is estimated that out 47.6 million voters 8.96% (4.27 million) voted blanc. In France voting is done through slips of paper. In the 2nd tour three slips of paper are sent out; a slip with the name Marine; another slip with the name Macron; and a third blank, white slip. Voting blanc or voting white is the act of selecting the white ballot and choosing that as a preferred candidate. In the same survey it is estimated that 25.3% out of the polled voters abstained. “No, I would have voted blanc” said the internet user from Paris, we'll call him "M". Later going on to say, “Yes [I don’t like Marine or Macron] and I am far from being [in] the whole.” Even though in Macron’s electoral letter urging people to not vote blanc and abstain, it still reached record numbers in this election.

            As expected, Macron had plenty of internet supporters. After the election results were finalized many celebrated. In fact, many of sites were flooded with gifs of Macron. All throughout social media many were celebrating a centrist victory, which is expected since Macron won 66.1% of the vote. Many exclaimed that France avoided the possibility of a Frexit. Another internet user who also lives in Paris, we'll call him "K", simply explained that he supported Macron “Because of my father” while also hinting that family plays a decent roll in politics today.

            The election of France, to many, was very polarizing on the internet. Thus, it garnered many reactions on the internet from all sides. One thing remains certain and it is the huge effect it had on the internet.