Kim Jong Un & The Missile Launch

April 15th, 2017, Kim Jong Un attempted to launch a ballistic missile, sources told the Nut. It was a grand failure. Kim was embarrassed.

Kim Jong Un has a history of attempting to intimidate Western powers, most of which resulted in a response of memes. It is evident that many Americans are not afraid of Kim Jong Un. But should we be?

From the Cold War, the United States, along with the rest of the world except China, has a hostile relationship with the North Koreans. Kim Jong Un is growing more and more hostile, as seen when he assassinated his brother, Kim Jong Nam in Malaysia, and with his recent missile test.

American President Donald John Trump is taking a hard stance against the last major holdout of Soviet-Era Communism. The US has a strong military presence in South Korea, and President Trump has proved he would not hesitate to act upon any threat to the United States and its allies. Kim Jong Un is treading in dangerous waters. His recent aggressive stance has been a cause of concern for the west, who would not hesitate to destroy him. While most of Kim’s actions are met with an arsenal of memes, if he goes too far, South Korea will become an island.