Hurricane Harvey Slams Texas and Louisiana

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast this past week, and it has taken an especially hard hit on Houston, Texas.


It started with the National Hurricane Center monitoring the storm as a tropical wave off the coast of Africa on August 13. After a few weeks, the storm seemed to be losing power. However, after being upgraded and downgraded between a tropical wave, tropical depression, and tropical storm, it was classified as a Category 4 hurricane heading for Texas and Louisiana.

TCN Harvey Map.png

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 26 at Rockport with winds at 130 mph. Doing so, it has been recorded as being the first hurricane to reach land since Wilma in 2005, being the strongest (when looking at wind speeds) since Charley in 2004, being the first Texas hurricane since Ike in 2008, being the first major hurricane in Texas since Bret in 1999, and being the strongest overall in Texas since Carla in 1961.

The coastal city of Houston has been all over the news with its historic flooding, parts of the city being submerged in over four feet of water. This damage doesn’t stop here, though. Rain is expected to continue through Friday, August 29.

However, Houston isn’t the only part of Texas getting slammed. 53 counties are affected by the wrath of the storm. Those counties make up nearly half of the population of Texas.

TCN Texas Map.png

The death toll has reached 20 so far, according to Fox News, and, sadly, it’s expected to increase as the flood waters subside. Included in the fatalities is Houston police officer, Sgt. Steve Perez, who died trying driving in the dark onto an overpass to get to work early Sunday morning.

President Trump visited Corpus Christi Tuesday, August 29 and held a small rally, with a great turnout, to give hope to Texans.. “We love you, you are special, we’re here to take care, it’s going well, and I want to thank you for coming out. We are going to get you back and operating immediately,” he said, along with a promise to get them “back and operating immediately.”

TCN Harvey Trump.png

President Trump applauded Texas officials, “I want to thank our governor. Your governor has done a fantastic job. Governor Abbott, thank you very much.” He continued, “So we just want to thank your governor, Senator Cruz, Senator Gordon.”

This storm is historic and life changing for both Texans and Americans. Thousands of Texans have lost everything and are in need of basic life necessities and are going will require assistance in rebuilding their homes and cities. But like President Trump said, “ happened in Texas, and Texas can handle anything.”