OPINION: Should Photo Identification Be Required To Vote In The US?

Over the recent months, the White House has asked for voter data from across
the country in an attempt to crack down on voter fraud that could have possibly
occurred in the 2016 presidential election. President Donald Trump has made the
claim multiple times that he feels that many votes were “illegally cast” and, like illegal
immigration, sanctuary cities and other illegal activity, it should be cracked down upon
and resolved. Many states, however, have refused to provide voter information to the
US government because they feel that the government does not need to have private
voter information in their possession. Then again, they’ll do whatever they can to
make sure that this president fails and gets nothing through or passed.

Photo ID for voters would be a way to know for certain that people such as
illegal aliens, criminals, underage voters, and other people that are in the US who
either shouldn’t be or who are unable by law to vote are stopped from voting. If they
provide a photo ID such as a driver’s license, a passport, or some form of
government or state issued photo identification, the voter administrators can run a
brief background check on them to ensure that they are allowed to vote in whatever
election may be underway, presidential, congressional, local, or other. If the to-be
voter is unable to vote, the administrator can take the necessary precautions and
actions to ensure a fair and balanced election.

Some activists or government officials feel that this would be unsafe for the
American people, but really it will make them even more safe because they would not
have illegal votes cast and the candidates running in the election would get elected
legally without illegal votes helping them out. This is an important issue that all
Americans should be concerned about and that should be on the top five list of things
that the White House should get accomplished over the next several months. All in
all, this should also be a top priority of the American people because they should not
want people who can’t vote to vote and possibly vote against them. The states
should also cooperate to get this resolved and prevent it from happening in future
elections, especially ones as important as President of the United States of America.