OPINION: Unity Matters

America, was once viewed as the land of unity and peace.

For its whole duration of existence, America has been the land of freedom which once attracted so many people to migrate here in search for a better life. But now, in this present day America, we find ourselves in, yet again, another predicament.

Recently, America witnessed an unprecedented election where candidate Donald Trump won in a landslide. No one, other than his supporters, thought that this would happen. They could not predict his outcome because of the mainstream media's aspirations to destroy his campaign so that their candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, could win the presidency. Due to the media's failed deception of the American people, a bigger problem stemmed. The left wing population of America simply could not bear the fact that their candidate lost. This has become so bad that even seven months after the election, liberals still do not even recognize President Trump as their president (Contrary to their argument, he is their president because they live in the United States of America and Mr. Trump is the President of the United States of America).

The massive liberal hysteria has gotten so bad that they now are calling for the death of President Trump. An example of this is comedian Kathy Griffin's recent image of her holding a severed head of Donald Trump. Yet two days after the image being released and being fired, she went on a fake tear tirade to somehow portray that all of this was Donald Trump's fault. To rebuke Ms. Griffin, let me first start by saying that it is very inhumane of you to release a picture of the president's severed head. Do you not know that he has an 11-year-old son? how mentally unstable are you to corrupt and tamper with the mind and thoughts of an 11-year-old? Secondly, you have no right to blame your firing on President Trump. He didn't release and create the image, you did. You threw a roadblock into your own career and its time that you own up to it and take the proper punishment.

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Folks, as I conclude, I want to get one thing straight. If you are a conservative, hold firm your beliefs and principles. The liberals are secretly trying to erase Republican ideals by attempting to impose guilt on conservative ideals. Lastly, to any liberal reading this, please get over the election and hope that President Trump succeeds, it's only in the best for all of us. When the president succeeds, the country succeeds. Put all of your self egos behind and do what's best for the country. if you continue your tirade, it will only get worse for you all because the American people have seen the corruption and deception that you bestow!