OPINION: Liberal Indoctrination in College

College in today's world is by no doubt essential, but it has gone from a place to share ideas, to the graveyard of opinions. Professors are extremely picky about how and what they teach. Today's curriculum focuses on social justice courses, Marxist ideology, gender studies, and everything but the valuable information students will need in the future. The student’s education should be taught by independent free thinkers, not staunch socialists. A student’s path of education should be chosen by the most prominent and demanding fields, not what leftist professors deem fit for the school curriculum.


College campuses have, over the years, become a safe space for the weak minded, social justice warrior type. They have rules and regulations on free speech, and will oust any kind of thought that contradicts their own opinions and ideas. This ideology is part in due to the professors on the campuses teaching the students. The professors are usually left, which often gives conservative students no voice in the classroom discussion especially when the class is predominantly leftist. It is extremely difficult for conservative students to find allies, and often forces them to keep quiet on campus. Not only this, but student protests are rampant. These protests are not pro free speech rallies, nor marches for veterans. These are violent, riot-like, anti-free speech protests. The students attack people such as Trump supporters, as seen in the Berkeley Riots. Then there are professors such as Jordan Peterson, who has refused to use “gender pronouns”, and is now being berated by the students at the University of Toronto, and was nearly fired. The students at universities that throw these accusations are usually very socially awkward, and confused individuals, and nowadays many “Alt-Right” figures call these people “snowflakes” because of their fragile nature. It is a real eye opener for many people sending their kids to college to make a careful decision about where they’re going.


Another huge problem is Marxism in college and university. It is extremely appealing for compassionate individuals to think about the so called “egalitarian” system that it creates. Along with this, there are no real-world examples in today’s society that show them about how evil and corrupt it is. The USSR is no longer prevalent and it is not real Marxism/Socialism to the students, and North Korea is almost always looked over by the students. Not to mention Gender Studies in college, a horrid course dedicated to fixing the fake wage gap, and to help understand how humans are created with more than two sexes (despite biological and scientific basis). The Current state of college campuses needs to be either reformed or scrapped completely.


Without proper education, many modern day students are pre-condemned to working at a Starbucks as a barista. It is a hard reality to accept, one in which students are more concerned with what people say rather than the current state of the Middle East, or the economy. It is our job as the people who see it from the outside to warn the people who are going into these colleges, and to attempt to change the minds of the people coming out of these colleges.

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