OPINION: Please Stop Calling Us Fascists.

   Contrary to current representations of conservatism, "right-wing" ideology in the United States is nowhere near to those that parallel fascism. Evaluating governments based on authority, or how much overreach they possess is just one method that debunks this thought process. Fascism is closer to Communism when compared with Republicanism because of the strict regulations any government with that ideology has. The first implementor of Fascism, Benito Mussolini, combined socialism and capitalism into a workable hybrid of sorts.  Republican ideas are based on those of a smaller government, less government intervention, and less regulation of commerce and trade, allowing the people to exercise their freedoms. That is the exact opposite of what the left attempts to frame us as. We strive to make America freer that she already is, and we will continuously strive towards that goal. 

Image: Benito Mussolini 

Image: Benito Mussolini 

   When fascism made a surge, it was in the wake of World War II. At the time many saw Mussolini and Hitler(before the war and atrocities.) as economic and government messiahs. Private industry regulated by the state is a fascist economic ideal, and if you think about it, we are so close to Authoritarian control and belittlement. Economically and politically, that is contrary to what Republicans believe in. Democratic beliefs of more government regulations and intervention probably are more relatable to fascism than we ever will be. 

   The word Fascism comes from the Latin word 'fasces' which means a bundle of sticks that cannot break and that symbolized the need for the strength to be held by the state instead of the people. This ideology is one that does not reflect those of conservatism and republican beliefs. We started to decline into what we are now when the little morals of the democrats faltered and become an abomination of totalitarianism and threw away real social democratic ideals. Democrats have moved more towards fascism than we ever will. The way that liberals have begun calling us racist bigots, and that anything we propose must be ridiculed as having discriminatory undertones is unacceptable and is a modern form of rhetorical policing. Not only this, but to go to the extent of referring to President Trump as "Hitler" is insensitive to the actual effects of fascism, and desensitizes us to the murder of millions of innocent lives. 

   With aggressive silencing of opposite positions, which rids of any dissent and productive discourse, we can only try to undo the damage set forth from these exaggerated depictions of us by revealing that we are no way like the way they frame us. It's in our best interest to debate them wherever they may go or whatever they may be called. We shall win because we are the last best hope for of mankind.