UC Berkeley Conservatives Sue School Over Unconstitutional Policy

The Berkeley College Republicans and Young America's Foundation featuring Ann Coulter, due to a dispute over a cancellation and the shool's reschedule attempts of her appearance on April 27th, have officially filed a lawsuit against the University of California at Berkeley for an "unconstitutionally vague policy" that limits the ability for conservatives to express their viewpoints in the community. In response, the school released the following statement:

"UC Berkeley has been working to accommodate a mutually agreeable time for Ms. Coulter's visit -- which has not yet been scheduled -- and remains committed to doing so. The campus seeks to ensure that all members of the Berkeley and larger community -- including Ms. Coulter herself -- remain safe during such an event."

Our lawsuit against Berkeley was just filed. Demands appropriate & safe venue for my speech THIS THURSDAY + damages http://bit.ly/2oYssG8 

The lawsuit accuses not only the school, but also the mayor's office and Berkeley police of enforcing such a "high-profile speaker" clause, which cites the ill-fated Yiannopoulos event as an example. The lawsuit specifically examines the vague interpretations of "securable locations" that have often times been reasoned to be why these speakers are not allowed on campus. Though the school in the past has hosted important conservative figures, such as Ben Shapiro, it still has to be determined whether discrimination was at play in this context.