Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Peterson

Why the Saints? That’s all I ask. Peterson had so many better deals to so many other teams. He could’ve made his way down to the Buccaneers (who are going to make it to the Super Bowl this year) and had a huge impact on this growing team. He instead decided to be indecisive and now he is stuck as the third-string running back on that team. In his first game with the Saints, he had 18 yards…18 yards…18 yards. That is absolutely terrible. I guess you could say that he deserved it because I am 99.9% sure that Peterson knew going into it that the Saints running backs work in a committee. The other 0.1% is just him being an idiot, and leaving his agent to do everything for him. The rookie Alvin Kamara from Tennessee just seems more suited for the Saints game plan, as he has good with both running and pass-catching. You also can’t forget about Mark Ingram, who has been great for the Saints these last couple of seasons. Combine all those factors to come out with the reason why Adrian Peterson only got nine snaps in the first game. He actually had the balls to go in a press conference and state that he “didn’t sign up for 9 snaps.” The Saints are not Peterson’s servant. They are going to do what is best for their team. They don’t really care whether Adrian is happy with his workload or not. They probably would’ve played him for snaps if he had shown them that he was capable of making big plays for the team.


Overall, Peterson just needs to chill. Yelling at the coach during the game to put you in won’t help your case either. He is 32 years old. I can see why the Saints wouldn’t want to put him in as much. If he gets injured it is going to seem as if the whole deal is a waste. He is going to retire after these next two years guaranteed, so he needs to make the most of it. He needs to show the coaches in practice that he is still the old Peterson we saw with the Vikings. Once he gets the chance in the game, he must capitalize, no matter how many opportunities he gets. Whether it be 9 snaps or 40 snaps, he needs to just make huge plays for his team, so that they can make the playoffs for the first time in a while. His second game wasn’t better either as we still saw that he was totaling 26 yards on 8 carries. He just couldn’t seem to get into that groove or find the right holes. He almost makes it seem like he doesn’t deserve to even be playing in the NFL. The Saints offensive line isn’t the best in the league right now, but it’s also not the worst in the league. He is now just a non-factor in the league. I was literally so over him, so I decided to trade him away in my fantasy league. I just don’t enjoy seeing Peterson like this, when he used to be such a stud. Peterson just needs to get past the fact that that he is not going to be the feature back on this team anymore. At that point, he might be able to make the most of his carries and can show the league that he is still AP, no matter how he is played.

When Peterson was with the Vikings he was the infamous AP. His transition to the Saints has made him now just Adrian Peterson. I honestly think the glory days with Peterson are over. While with the Vikings was the best running back in the league. He currently holds the record for most rushing yards in one game with 296 yards. He was also only 8 yards away from breaking Eric Dickerson’s record for most rushing yards in a season with 2105 yards. He was just a flat-out beast with Minnesota, and even though he has had 2 ACL tears, he seemed to come out of recovery as the same AP we always watch.

Like all stars, Peterson’s time in the league must end. He gave us many great memories as a member of the Vikings. Now as his career is beginning to wind down, we will have to accept the fact that he will not be as good as he once was. But like all legends, we can marvel at all the great plays that they had throughout their illustrious careers. To commemorate such a great career that Peterson has had, I’m going to include his best highlights in the video below. The Hall of Fame is a certainty for Peterson after his career, but for now, we are stuck seeing him suck, as a member of the New Orleans Saints.