Who Needs A Wrist To Play Football?

Guys, I'm so disappointed right now. I have seen superstar running back, David Johnson, grow over the last two years, and I was really excited to see him become a contending MVP candidate this year, but the Lions had to ruin the man's dreams. In the first week of the football season, David Johnson injured his wrist badly. At first, it seemed like he would only be out for a couple of weeks. After a second opinion, however, it was clear that Johnson needed surgery on his wrist. This means that he is going to be out for 2-3 months. It's injuries like these that can really ruin a great career. Johnson is definitely going to get the starting job back once he's recovered from the injury. The problem is whether he will be the same David Johnson that we have seen in the past. He has been one of the big reasons that the Cardinals have even had a chance of staying as a playoff contending team.


His replacements aren't much to boast about. Kerwynn Williams hasn't shown us that he can take over the job. Former starter Andre Ellington has dipped down, since being expected to be a rising star. The former superstar, Chris Johnson, was also resigned onto the team, after being released during the offseason. Kerwynn Williams will have to become a two-way threat in this offense. Carson Palmer had David Johnson as his safety valve for so long when needed. No running back will be able to match the three-down monster that Johnson was for this offense. No one was going to threaten Johnson for his starting spot after compiling 1,239 rushing yards on 293 carries with 16 touchdowns, to go along with 80 catches for 879 yards and four additional scores last year. The Cardinals set up their offense around Johnson, so by losing him, there is going to be huge changes to the game plan. Kerwynn Williams is planning on taking on early down situations. Andre Ellington is taking over the pass-catching, and newly acquired running back D.J. Foster, from the Patriots practice squad will take over goal-line and short yard situations. As I mentioned before, they also brought back Chris Johnson to use wherever they would like. Overall this committee definitely has potential to be a threat, but for now, they need to prove to the NFL that they can do well without David Johnson.


I am just going to get this out of the way...the Arizona Cardinals are not making it to the playoffs this year. They probably weren't going to make it with David Johnson healthy on their team. Now that he is gone, they might honestly be winning less than 6 games this year, which is terrible considering how this team has done in past years. The management has gotten rid of too many of their key pieces on defense, and their offense is just weak overall. I have nothing against this team, but their quarterback is one major injury away from retiring and leaving them with no solid backup option to come in. We are going to see the Cardinals rebuild their team soon enough once Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald leave the team. There are just too many deficiencies and not enough work during the offseason for the Cardinals to be the same team that they were just two years ago.


David Johnson is the star of this team and will honestly be missed so much. The Cardinals will try to hold up with the growing running back committee. I am fairly certain that if this season does not go well, the Cardinals will begin their rebuilding process to get back to the Super Bowl, for the first time in seven years. I wish David Johnson a speedy recovery process and to be able to return to the same great player he has been. I have decided to even include a video to show you how good he actually is. The league should be relieved to not have to play against him, because of how big of a threat he can be in both the running and passing game. Honestly though, who needs a wrist to play football?