White House cancels military action against Venezuela but tightens sanctions

White House cancels military action against Venezuela but tightens sanctions

Conservative Nut writer Lucas Bocaletto discusses the US's military action in Venevuela. 

Dissecting The Left's Confusion On North Korea

Dissecting The Left's Confusion On North Korea

Conservative Nut writer Kayla Tamanaha discusses North Korea and the different views on the subject from across the country. 

Dear Republican Party

Congratulations on sweeping the Democrats in the 2016 Federal Elections. You now control both chambers of the Senate, as well as the White House. You hold tremendous political power now. The question is, what will you do with this power?

This letter serves to ask you, the Republican party, to act in unity. The GOP needs not infighting at a time when their newly elected President has an approval rating of 38%. You need to act together, you need to get along to pass your agenda.

The President of the United States is under investigation. This investigation could lead to impeachment proceedings by congressional Democrats. An impeachment of the President will have a catastrophic global impact, both politically and economically.

To support this, I track the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Now, the Dow Jones is growing at a rate that is unsustainable. There is a pattern, however, a wave, if you will. The market typically rises and then collapses. The last collapse? That was 2008. Before that? September 11th, 2001.

Let’s look at the timeframe here. There were seven years between collapses. In both cases, there was unprecedented growth, cumulating in a rapid, sharp decline. It has been nine years since the last collapse, and the market growth is unprecedented. It’s time for a collapse.

Next, let’s look at the reasons for the collapse. The collapse in 2001 was obviously directly caused by the September 11th attacks. 2008 was the collapse of the housing bubble. In both cases, there was a single, major event that led to market collapse. The impeachment of President Trump would serve as the single, major event that leads to market collapse.

What will market collapse lead to? The United States has a hegemony in the global economy, as well as the global political scene. There are many countries that rely on the support of the Americans, otherwise, they would be left vulnerable to external threats. One great example of such a country is South Korea. North Korea dares not attack South Korea because they know that they would get obliterated by the Americans if they touch our South Korean allies. That is the main factor holding the North back from attacking the South, something the South knows. If South Korea feels the US can no longer adequately protect them, they may take action to protect themselves against North Korea. Such actions include Nuclear Proliferation.

You need to prevent something like that from happening. You need to unite against the Democrats, stand up and say: “No, we will not impeach our democratically elected President. We are Republicans. We support him.” A scattered GOP is no match for a united Democratic party. We need to protect the President. We cannot let the Democrats impeach him. I urge you, Republican to Republican, to protect the President. Stand united, stay together.


Protecting the “Crown Jewel” of Law Enforcement

Protecting the “Crown Jewel” of Law Enforcement

Addison Puffer, Staff Writer for the Nut, delves into the nuances of the firing of James Comey by Trump & Sessions, as well as explaining the impact that it has on law enforcement on a macro-level.