Midterms Are Coming: Are You Informed?

One of the keys to a successful democracy is an informed populace. Amid all the furor over fake news, it may seem like there is no way to learn about what is happening anymore. The Conservative Nut has compiled a list of news sources that we consider reliable so our followers can better inform themselves about the issues prior to the upcoming election cycle.

1) The Wall Street Journal

2) The Economist

3) The Fiscal Times

4) The Hill

5) National Public Radio (NPR)

6) BBC

7) PBS

8) The Washington Post

9) The New York Times

10) NBC News (NBC and CNBC, NOT MSNBC)

11) ABC News

12) CBS News

13) Associated Press

14) CSPAN (No journalists, simply televises US government proceedings)

15) Fox News

16) CNN (Can be clickbaity but still reliable)

The sources listed above are sources used by The Conservative Nut. While the sources listed above is considered reliable, it is still important to use discretion when reading the news, and to watch for any existing biases, as there is no news that is one hundred percent bias free. To help mitigate that, The Conservative Nut suggests reading a story from multiple sources so the most relevant details would stand out. The Conservative Nut is not sponsored by any of those news sources listed above, we are just sharing what we have found helpful so our followers can make more informed decisions come election day.

NOTE: Some of those sources above may have pay gates and/or ask the reader to disable their adblocker.