Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

TCN trump rally fight.jpg

A fight breaks out during a Trump rally in Huntington Beach.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what happened to our society? To be honest, I have been thinking about this a little more often over the past few weeks. You can’t turn the TV on without the press bashing our President. Even beyond the “Fake News” associated with President Trump, it appears as though everyone that could have even potentially voted for him is now getting maligned and thrashed on by the press. Even Fox News is getting sucked into the action of constant criticism of the other side!

Why are we in this position? What potential good can come of these media attacks? The attitude that is displayed by these stations really goes beyond political manipulation. It’s gone to a whole new realm of warfare. It’s almost like they want us to fight in the streets against each other. In my heart I believe that a large majority of those of us who consider ourselves conservatives and even a measureable quantity of moderates and liberals are tired of it all. While I do disagree with many of their political beliefs, I don’t wish these people harm. I wish them good will, and I believe many of them wish me good well too! We are divided by the press and pushed into our respective corners and they want us to wait on the bell to ring and come out slugging! They want a heavy weight brawl!

I have a family that loves each other. I have friends that I truly care for and that care about me. I have a church family that I am close to and have fun with while learning life lessons through God’s Holy Bible, a book that is infinitely valid even today and so full of wisdom. While my life isn’t perfect, I have many blessings that I don’t deserve either. I still believe in America, that life can be as good as we make it to be. Some have challenges that I can’t fully understand. However, I still firmly believe that these obstacles can be overcome in our great country. Sadly, many become overwhelmed and feel they can’t ever reach their dreams or goals any longer, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Our country was, is, and always will be the “Land of Opportunity”. Don’t believe the negative hype!