The Role of Government?

What is the role of a government? Why does a government hold power? The reason is simple. The people give the government power- government only holds as much power as the people allow. Thus, the government exists to serve the people, without the will of the people, a government holds zero authority.

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A government seeks to give the people what they want and what they need. From the early days of society, a few needs quickly emerged, and government formed to fulfill these needs. The first need is food and shelter. People need food to live. Most Americans are not farmers, but we still eat. Thus, economy, a system where people exchange value, a system that the government helps sustain but ultimately, a system that works only because of the will of the people. Money quickly emerged as the best way to sustain this economy, where values are exchanged indirectly rather than direct trading. Resources are needed to sustain this economy so they can be transformed into value. Through this, infrastructure developed to transport resources. The shelter requires resources, and an economy allows the development of better
shelters to sustain the people. The most important need is protection. A government must be able to keep its people safe from those who seek to harm. This is where the United States stands miles above all other nation on Earth. As an American citizen, you are one of the most protected people on Earth. The United States Air Force is the largest air force on the planet. The second largest air force in the United States Navy. The third is the United States Army. The US has more aircraft carriersthan the rest of the world combined. The American Citizen is really extremely safe from external threats. Thus, you, an American citizen, are very lucky. You are protected to an extent that not even presidents of many countries are protected. The ability to protect its citizens is one of the main appeals of the United States of America- this is an appeal that must remain. One reason why the US is able to protect its citizens so well is due to its servicemen. Not only do we have a large number of servicemen, what makes the United States stand out is the quality of our servicemen and servicewomen. They are top notch, elite fighters, ready at a moment’s notice to protect the citizens of the United States. Maintaining our military’s eliteness is why I support the ban on transgender servicemen. Simply put, studies have shown over and over again that transgender people face many emotional problems that make them unfit for service. We need a military in the best physical and the best emotional health, something that transgender service people do not fit. It is not ableist to ban those with physical disabilities from entering military service, it is not homophobic to ban those with emotional disabilities from entering military service. The Conservative Nut salutes all servicemen and women and thank you for your service to our great nation.