No Google, Firing Someone Who Disagrees with You Is Not Promoting Diversity

Disclaimer: This article may not reflect the true values and ideals of The Conservative Nut. 

Dear Google, 

Consider this an open letter to whom it may concern, mostly because I am not happy with the irony you have created. You as a company value the diversity of ideas; however, you fire someone you disagree with. I do understand that since you are a private company you have the right to fire whoever you want, but it is disingenuous to claim you promote diversity then later ironically remove someone from your company because he was brave enough to share his own ideas. Google, and most importantly CEO Sundar Pichai: you are not protecting those who feel “judged based on their gender”. Instead, you took Google, the most important bastion of information in this modern era, and you turned it into one large leftist echo chamber.  

When I first heard the idea that Google had an agenda, I chuckled, because why would Google ever do that? It is sort of like hearing the fallacious argument that the U.S. government is actively funding ISIS. Why would the government actively fund a group that is killing their own people? Similarly, why would Google ever try to censor conservative ideas or people who they disagree with? Surely, if Google did that people would stop using their service and Google stock would plummet in a matter of days. Who would use a service for information that is fundamentally biased? Why would Google on one hand claim they support diversity of ideas, yet when someone publishes a manifesto that even gives suggestions on how they could fix the wage gap, that person is let go?  

Now back to the censorship of ideas. During the election cycle, there was evidence of 

auto-completion (of words in the Google search engine) used in favor of Hillary Clinton. Results such as “Lying Ted” would auto complete way more often than “Crooked Hillary” would, despite the latter term being more widely used. Further evidence show that on Bing, Hillary would almost always auto-complete. This may seem like total coincidence and it may be; however, it sure does seem shady. Another instance of censorship can be found on YouTube, a Google company. An example of this is when YouTube released various videos on their main page, particularly the “#MoreThanARefugee” series. The problem is that YouTube deleted “negative” comments on both videos. There are tons of outside videos showcasing deleted comments on that video. For example, this one, on Maczems channel. I do not stand by the comments which were removed; however, that is still censorship of opinion. Speaking of YouTube, even though it is 

not in charge of Vidcon, I am furious about how Anita Sarkisian had the right to harass SargonOfAkkad while on an anti-harassment panel. In short, it just seems very despicable to lie about how you are for 

diversity of ideas. At least be honest about it. Google has also shown a censorship of ideas through enforcing bias on a corporate level as well as suppressing search results that do not fit with their agenda. In a Breitbart interview with an ex-Google  employee, the employee stated “I know there are efforts to demote anything non-PC, anti-Communist and anti-Islamic terror from search results. To what extent that has been successful, I don’t know.” Most of these topics that Google is censoring are related to conservatism, further proving the fact that they have a pro-political correctness mindset. If these murmurs are true, Google have been protecting the ideas of Islamic terror and communism. You really should not have the biggest provider of information in the world go down the path of trying to be politically correct. This seems hazardous because as the great Ben 

TCN google.jpg

Shapiro once said, “facts don’t care about your feelings.” 

The real bombshell is the case of James Damore. Just to recap, James Damore released a multi-page manifesto concerning his views of the company. In this he tried to help you and even take your point that there is a wage gap between men and women. He even suggested how to improve the situation by changing tech jobs to be more social and people-oriented, thus appealing to women more instead of making women exclusive programs such as Girls Who Code. In Sundar Pichai’s response he claimed that Damore’s analysis was harmful to women by enforcing gender roles. The funny thing is that Damore never claimed all women are ______ or all men are _____. He just simply stated that you are an echo chamber and gave you a strategy on how to get more women in the tech field organically. The funny thing is that many of his findings could easily be supported by the works of Christina Hoff Sommers or by basic psychology. Who am I kidding? If you really cared about improving your company, you would have taken his suggestions and used them. You dropped him because his ideas didn’t fit in your agenda. You did so because you were afraid. You were paranoid that if you improved your company in the light of this “sexist white male”, then your company would effectively tank due to the bad press. Google, I remember the days where you were a champion of free speech. What happened to those days? For that reason, I am planning on doing anything I can do to support James Damore’s cause. 

 So you may counter with the fact that you are a private company… the problem is that nobody online really uses other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo Search, enabling you to have this natural monopoly of ideas. This does not take away from the fact that you can control what the world can see. You have the most powerful job ever. Maybe you can choose to become the Ministry of Truth in 1984, just know that you will ruin the world by doing so. Whether these murmurs are true or not the point is that if your company really had nothing to hide, they would not have these rumors circulating in the first 

place. For these reasons, I am going to find myself switching to the nonbiased search engine DuckDuckGo until Google fixes these obvious conflicts of interests. I am sick of companies that were once pro-free speech changing their ways just to stay afloat. Political correctness is not a business model. This should be a bipartisan issue because censorship in any form is harmful to the free market of ideas. Please take this feedback and do something about your company. You hold a knowledge of wealth at your fingertips, use it wisely and justly. 


Thank you for your time, 

Aikas Bajaj Singh 

Conservative Nut Staff Writer