OPINION: Are Tensions Between The Political Parties Improving?

After the recent politically motivated shooting at the GOP Congressional Baseball Practice, tensions and harsh rhetoric from both parties seem to be somewhat improving, but is that true and will it last?  There have been extremely criticizing words coming from both parties dissing each other’s views and policies which could have played a role in the attack on Republican lawmakers of the freedom caucus recently. 

Representatives from both sides have condemned the attack and agree that the rhetoric and rough terms that have been shot back and forth should come to an end.  The burning question is: Will this happen? 

Since the Obama era, the Republicans have went as far as saying that Barack Obama was not born in the United States.  In the new Trump era, Democrats have went as far as saying that Donald Trump is not a legit president for some reason.  They have called Donald Trump a racist, bigot, mysogynist, islamophobic, xenophobic, etc. and seem to attempt to tie one of these terms onto him whenever he says frankly anything.  The Democrats have also been attempting to impeach Donald Trump for “colluding with the Russians” and when that failed they turned nonetheless to “obstruction of justice.”  All of this however may have come to a screeching halt after the recent attack. 

House Speaker, Paul Ryan (R-WI), stated in a recent speech to the House of Representatives that we are all “united” and went on to say, “an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.” thus implying that we must unify and work together to attempt to prevent attacks like this in the future.  Democrats have praised the fact that after they won the Congressional Baseball game for charity, they gave the trophy to the Republicans to put in Steve Scalise's office, but a trophy cannot help pass meaningful laws to help the country and a trophy cannot tone down the harsh speech that is coming from both sides of the spectrum.  The power to do this is in the people representing these sides and the people who can make a difference. 

Also recently, guitarist and long time Republican, Ted Nugent, expressed concern about the harsh rhetoric that has been coming from him and both sides.  On Fox Radio show, Curtis and Eboni, Nugent stated to Eboni Williams that he has “reevaluated his approach” and that he cannot use “certain harsh terms, but at the tender age of 69, my wife has convinced me that I just can’t use those harsh terms.  I cannot and I will not.”  Ted Nugent has been known for a while for using rough terms and criticizing former president Barack Obama while he was in office.  This can be seen as a step in the right direction. 

Unity between the Republicans and Democrats is much needed in this divided country.  Both Republicans and Democrats seemed to have taken steps in the right direction towards one unified party that will benefit America.  There is the speculation and fear that this will all come to and end once everyone forgets about the terrible incident and regains focus on political issues and passing bills to solve them.  Let’s hope for the best and do what we can to reunite this great nation!