Frank Giallourakis

Staff Writer

Frank "Frankie" Nicholas Giallourakis is a staff writer for the Conservative Nut. He enjoys the sport of football, seeing it as a good heuristic to teach young men about discipline and team work. He also enjoys hunting and fishing in God's creation. He also sees any time spent in God's outdoors is a time well spent. Frankie joined the Conservative Nut because he believes it is an opportunity for him to be part of a group of peers that share the same conservative beliefs "without being ridiculed and faced with a large amount of scrutiny." He sees that in the status quo, conservatives are being treated horridly in America by the so called “tolerant” liberal left. He believes that he has had enough of this nonsense and feels that it is time that conservatives stand up to the opposition because absent of resistance, free speech and conservative ideals will be erased by the liberal left.